How do I find promotions?

-         First, select a campus from the slide out menu.

-         For local promotions, click the local tab. Then click on a merchant to view their current promotions. Alternatively, you can search by term in the search bar, or click on the map to view all the deals nearby.

-         For national promotions, click on the National tab. Select a merchant to view their promotion.

How do I redeem a promotion?

-         Each merchant might have different terms for redemption. The merchant should have redemption method listed in the promotion. Methods can include, but are not limited to: Showing the app at the time of purchase, Scanning a UPC code, Mentioning the promotion form the app, Clicking a link (Get Promotion button at the bottom of the promotion page), or showing a valid student ID at the time of purchase.

-         Having an issue redeeming a promotion? Contact us (Info@TheCampus.App). Merchants are responsible for the content of their promotion.

How much does it cost to use The Campus App?

-         The Campus App is free for students and currently $250 for an annual subscription for merchants, or $30/month.

How do I choose or change a campus?

-         Select the slide out menu by clicking the 3 lines in the top left corner (don’t see the lines? Try scrolling to the top of the page).

-         Click the drop down list and select an available campus.

What if my campus isn’t on the app?

-         You may still utilize the National promotions by selecting the national tab.

-         We are constantly adding new campuses with local deals, so check back often.

-         Contact us by email Info@TheCampus.App and let us know which campus you want added.

Can I use The Campus App at a different campus?

-         While you can view promotions for any campus at any time, it is up to each individual merchant who can redeem promotions for their location. Some local merchants might allow anyone to redeem promotions. Please see individual promotions for details.

Interested in being an ambassador?

-         Let us know what campus you are at and contact us for more information by emailing Info@TheCampus.App.

How does the Map tab work?

-         The Map tab displays your current location. If there are any available promotions on within the map area, they will appear under the map. You can zoom out or in by pinching the screen to navigate around you. You can also scroll to different areas using two fingers on the map to scroll.

-         Don’t see any promotions around you? Try zooming out.

-         Map isn’t loading? Make sure location services are enable for The Campus App in your phone’s settings.

Can I recommend merchants to be added to The Campus App?

-         Yes you can! Email us (Info@TheCampus.App) the name of the merchant and the campus and we will contact them.

How do I like a merchant or a promotion?

-         When a merchant or promotion is selected, click the heart in the upper right hand corner.

-         Your favorite merchants and promotions will appear in the Me tab.

-         Want to unselect a merchant or promotion? Select the merchant or promotion from the Me tab and the click the Like button again in the upper right hand corner.

What are the notifications for promotions?

-         When you like a merchant, you have the option to receive push notifications when that merchant updates or adds a new promotion. Select Yes from the drop down list in the Me tab to receive push notifications. Select No to turn off push notifications.

-         Please note that push notifications must be enabled for The Campus App in settings to receive push notifications.



How do I sign up for The Campus App?

-         Select “Sign up here” from the bottom of the slide out menu. To use the slide out menu, click the three lines from the top left of the page (Don’t see the three lines? Try scrolling to the top of the page).

-         Follow the steps on the website.

How are merchants ordered in the app?

-         Merchants are currently ordered by the most recently updated. If a merchant adds a new promotion or updates a promotion, they will be moved to the top of the order.

-         App users can search through available merchants or promotions by using the search bar, or by selecting a category from the drop down menu below the search bar.

What contact information can I include on the App?

-         Merchants can include address, phone number, email, website, and social media links (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).

-         For local merchants, your location will show up on the promotions map at the address that you have provided.

How do I edit information about my location / promotions, or add new promotions?

-         All merchant information can be edited at https://thecampus.app/. Log in by clicking on Merchant Login at the top of the page.

What are Merchant Resources?

-         Merchant resources are offers from our partners that might help you save money or time for your business. Providers can include: Payment Processors, HR & Payroll Solutions, Insurance Providers, and other Professional Services.