Welcome to The Campus App!

The Campus App was created to connect students with the best deals around their campus, nationwide, and online. We wanted a network that allowed merchants to connect directly with students and to be able to utilize technology to promote their locations more easily. The Campus App allows students to see promotions from merchants around their campus, search for promotions by keywords, and even to view a map that highlights all of the local promotions around their location.

The Campus App is a progressive web application that is free for students nationwide. What does progressive web application mean? A progressive web application loads like a regular website, but has the appearance and functions like a native smartphone app. It also means that you don't have to download updates, and The Campus App works with all operating software types.

What does that mean for merchants? It means that we can provide you with a more cost-effective way to reach students. Merchants are able to quickly upload images, create and update contact information (address, phone number, website, operating hours), and update promotions. Merchants can update promotions as often as you would like, multiple promotions can be created, and promotions can even be time sensitive. Promotions can even include scannable coupons.